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Transportation and Activities Fundraiser for 2022 Sleepaway Camp 

Safety is super important to us! The Dominican Republic has the second-highest rate of transit accidents in the world! Wow! Help us transport our 40 girls and parent leaders safely to the activities that we have in store for them during our Soy Lider, Soy Poderosa Leadership, and Empowerment week. We have many amazing activities planned for our girls including yoga, self-defense, swimming, a masquerade party, and much more. Buses are needed to transport our 40 girls safely in chaotic and dangerous Santo Domingo streets. With your support, we can transport our girls during a course of a week to the activities and back home to their casitas (home) safely. 


If we did not provide safe transportation for our girls, they would be coming to our activities in the back of pick-up trucks or on moto-conchos (motorcycle taxis). Some we are sure would miss the activities altogether because their families could not afford transportation. 


To make sure that all of our girls can participate in our activities and most importantly get there and back safely please help sponsor our transportation costs! Gracias!

Sponsor Transportation Here!

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