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Our Mission:

Empowering and inspiring girls and families from under-resourced communities in Dominican Republic and New York City, allowing them to obtain the tools, opportunities, and resources for becoming the leaders of tomorrow!

Get involved by supporting Latinas & Líderes in building the leaders of tomorrow!


Choose one of the following campaigns.


Leadership, Empowerment, Self-Love, and Wellness Initiative


A donation to this initiative allows us to provide customized workshops, activities, and resources to girls and mothers from under-resourced communities in the Dominican Republic during our summer camp and throughout the year, with a focus on leadership, empowerment, health, and wellness. We are excited to be adding a new music and yoga component to our programming. 


A donation to this initiative also supports us in feeding families in New York City and the Dominican Republic struggling with food insecurity. 

Education Initiative


A donation to our Education Initiative supports us in providing  every one of our girls with a quality book bag, filled with school and hygiene supplies. Your gift will also allow us to:


  • Provide our girls with tutoring and mentoring services

  • Offer tech devices and Wi-Fi services to access virtual classes

  • Cover uniform expenses

  • Curate a personal library for their home

  • Offer stipends and school supplies to the college mentors who support our girls throughout the year

  • Distribute book bags and school and hygiene supplies throughout the Dominican Republic and New York City

You may also donate from our 

Sports-Girl's Softball Initiative


We are very excited to be bringing a brand new and fully equipped softball league to our girls and their communities in Spring 2021. Although baseball is a national pastime in the Dominican Republic and some of the best MLB players come from there, girls have very little access to playing this sport or sports in general. With your monetary gift to our campaign or purchase of an item (ie bat, glove, pair of cleats) on our Amazon Wishlist we can help build leaders on and off the field. You can also sponsor a player or a team and help us create movement in women's sports in Dominican Republic.

Check out our 

Latinas & Lideres is a  501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. Each donor will receive a donation acknowledgement receipt.

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