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Meet The Team

Betty Lugo

Founder and Senior Executive Director

Betty Lugo is passionate about bringing equity, access, and opportunities to under-served communities and transforming girls into leaders. Betty is a former NYC principal and a leader that has been working fearlessly and passionately for children, families, and communities for over 25 years. In 2018, Betty founded Latinas & Líderes with the support of a team of dynamic women. Betty is the Executive Director of Latinas & Líderes and is responsible for overseeing the administration and strategic plan of the organization which includes sustainability, expansion, impact, and marketing in alignment with its mission. It is her hope that Latinas & Líderes will continue to grow and impact many more communities around the world.

Luisa Garcia

Founding Member and Creative Director

Luisa Garcia is a dynamic leader that works helping others through her work with the NYC Human Resources Administration. This includes preventing families from becoming homeless and helping them get back on their feet. Luisa is the owner of the small business Luisa’s Luxuries that specializes in event planning and flower arrangements. She is a cat lover and rescues and feeds the ones that do not have a warm home. Luisa is one of the founding members of Latinas and Líderes. Helping littles girls in her hometown of Santo Domingo brings her lots of joy. In her role as the Creative Director she oversees Latinas & Líderes merchandise and the supplies that is distributed like book bags and school supplies. She also oversees the decor for our events and raffles.

Sofia Lugo

Founding Member, Social Media Manager, Photographer and Mentor

Sofia Lugo is the youngest and wisest member of the team. She is currently a full-time student at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Sofia is majoring in communication disorders and aspires to be a speech and language pathologist. Sofia holds various important roles on the Latinas & Líderes team including being one of the social media managers and the team’s photographer. She also communicates regularly with the girls of the camp and serves as a mentor. During the camp she helps oversee the transportation of the girls to and from the camp. Sofia feels lots of passion, purpose, and pride in helping to grow and sustain the Latinas & Líderes work. She has loved being an advisor to the team from its genesis.

Ofelia Garcia

Founding Member, Curriculum Developer, Facilitator, and Mentor

Ofelia Garcia is a psychology graduate seeking a career that will encourage her to keep learning about the brain. She is also seeking opportunities to meaningfully give back to communities that she has ties to and has benefitted from. Ofelia develops curriculum for the Latinas & Líderes camp and supports with the facilitation of the workshops. She is also one of the mentors for the program and is very passionate about her work with Latinas & Líderes.

Elizabeth Garcia-Ogando

Founding Member, Recruitment, Communications,

and Transportation Director

Elizabeth Garcia-Ogando has been working almost 30 years for the Department of Social Services. She is a leader that works for a unit that helps prevent homelessness. Elizabeth, also known as Lily, likes to help people in need and is kind. She is also a matriarch in her family and works to ensure her family remains connected. Her main role on the Latinas & Líderes team is to support the communication in the Dominican Republic both with families and partners. During the week of the camp Lily keeps track of the daily attendance and manages the transportation.

Amarilis Batista

Founding Member and Fundraiser

Amarilis Batista is a supervisor for the Social Services Department and has been working with them for almost 30 years. She supports a team to ensure families get the resources they need to thrive in New York City. She is a founding member of Latinas & Líderes. Amarilis’ thought-partnership in the planning for the work in Dominican Republic is essential as she went to school there which provides the team valuable insight. Amarilis supports the team’s fundraising and event decor.

Cristy Cuellar-Lezcano

Curriculum Developer, Facilitator, Social Media Manager

Cristy Cuellar Lezcano has been an educator for over 20 years. She is committed to working alongside historically-marginalized communities in an effort to bring about social changes that allows everyone in the community to thrive. She is particularly committed to linguistic equity through dual language education. Cristy is one of the curriculum developers of the team and will support in the facilitation of the workshops. Cristy’s expertise in developing curriculum, leading teacher teams, and teaching is an asset to the team!

Ana Irene Campusano

Fundraiser, Social Media Manager, and Event Host  

Ana Campusano is a full-time intake supervisor at Amazing Home Care where she supports people that are in need of home health-aide services and special medical attention. Irene, what most people call her, is a part-time event planner and a party host. She is a lover of all positive things in life and good deeds and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Irene is growing her work as an activist and hopes to someday change the life of others hence why she joined the Latinas & Líderes team. She serves as a fundraiser specialist, a social media manager and events host.

Bianca Ogando

Website Manager and Graphic Design

Bianca Ogando is a psychological graduate working in the financial industry. She would like to continue her passion of assisting children in under-resourced communities. She is looking forward to teaching our young leaders how to love themselves and  empower their community. Bianca supports the work on our website and graphic design.

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