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Latinas & Líderes Microloans Initiative

We are super excited about our newest initiative! Latinas & Lideres Microloans for mother-daughter teams! With your support, we can provide girls from our program and their mothers access to resources that will help start a new small business or expand an existing business. Around the world, women are much less likely to have a bank account and have access to bank loans to invest in a business. Latinas & Lideres is committed to providing five mother-daughter teams the opportunity to be business owners. We need your support though!

These mother-daughter teams are the first round of L&L Microloan recipients. They have been through a whole application and qualification process which included a presentation of their business plan. The loans that we are providing, with your support, have low-interest rates (much lower than a bank) and monthly payment amounts are affordable. When the mothers and daughters pay back their loans we will reinvest that money to provide other sets of mother-daughter teams from our program the opportunity to start their business and create a cycle of entrepreneurship.

Latinas & Líderes is run by a mother and daughter team Betty and Sofia Lugo! We believe in the power of mothers and daughters working together to do something great!

Please donate to one, or more, of these mother-daugther teams to help them launch their business so they can become financially self-sufficient and pull their families out of extreme poverty! Give these moms and daughters the opportunity to invest in themselves and their futures!


Please help us bring this dream and vision of our Microloans Initiative to fruition! Gracias!

Donate to Our MIcroloan Fundraising Initiative 

Thank you for your support!

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