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Our Mission

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Latinas & Líderes seeks to empower and inspire girls from under-resourced communities in the Dominican Republic, allowing them to obtain the tools and skills for becoming leaders of their own lives, families and communities. Our leadership and empowerment camp along with other educational opportunities and access to a team sport like softball

aim to transform girls into the leaders of tomorrow. We also engage in a variety of community outreach in New York City and the broader Dominican Republic. 


A critical part of our work is bringing a leadership and empowerment summer camp and a softball league to girls from under-resourced and under-served communities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. When girls in Dominican Republic, and everywhere, are provided with leadership and educational opportunities they are empowered and inspired.

In turn, they obtain the tools necessary to become the leaders that will make the world a better place. 


Why girls in Dominican Republic? Dominican Republic has the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of these girls come from some of the most under-resourced communities in the country, therefore perpetuating an intergenerational cycle of poverty. Almost half of school dropouts in the Dominican Republic are the result of early pregnancy and happen around the eighth grade. Too many Dominican girls and young women are also severely affected by gender violence, under-age prostitution, and child marriages. It is our mission with your support to disrupt this heart-breaking narrative by building the leaders of tomorrow!

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of 10 dynamic and passionate Latina MUJERES that have come together to make an impact and make our world a better place. We are inspired to create a better world not only for Dominican girls, but for us all. In October of 2018, our team came together with minimal nonprofit work experience and in eight months we strategized, raised funds, and designed a curriculum to provide a leadership and empowerment camp and other educational opportunities to 30 girls in Dominican Republic. Our team is inspired to growing and deepening our work and continue bringing communities that need our love, support and compassion. 


Betty Lugo

Founder and Senior Executive Director


Luisa Garcia

Founding Member 

Creative Director


Sofia Lugo

Founding Member

Social Media Manager




Ofelia Garcia

Founding Member

Curriculum Developer




Elizabeth Garcia-Ogando

Founding Member



Transportation Director


Amarilis Batista

Founding Member



Cristy Cuellar-Lezcano

Curriculum Developer


Social Media Manager


Ana Irene Campusano


 Social Media Manager 

Event Host  


Bianca Ogando

Website Manager

Graphic Design

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