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Softball Initiative 

Latinas & Líderes is excited to help launch a movement that makes sports accessible to girls in the Dominican Republic in ways that have not been done before. The Dominican Republic produces some of the best Major League Baseball players and Hall of Famers and enjoys it as its national pastime, yet girls do not have the opportunity to play sports the ways that boys do. Latinas & Lideres is changing this unfair narrative and making sports accessible with their two fully-equipped softball teams In the city of Santo Domingo for the 30 girls (ages 11-15) in their program. 

This new and exciting initiative provides our 30 girls full access to an organized sport, allowing them to obtain the tools and skills for becoming mentally and physically healthy, empowered, and collaborative leaders on and off the field. We also hope to make softball accessible to more girls. The names of each of the teams are inspired by Dominican women leaders (Las Hijas de Mamá Tingó and Las Mariposas Del Guarimey). Our girls practice every Sunday and are learning to play the sport.


We are grateful to State Farm, Brujas of Brooklyn, and Cocoa Supply for their contributions to getting our softball teams launched and playing.

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