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Soy Líder, Soy Luchadora!
2023 Week & Conference

Latinas & Líderes is super excited to host its second annual Leadership, Empowerment, and Self-Love Week and Conference 2023. This year’s theme is Soy Líder, Soy Luchadora. This theme was chosen by our girls. A luchadora is a person that fights, not in violent ways, for their rights, education, dreams, future, family, and community. This July our girls will engage in a variety of activities and experiences related to this theme and culminate with a world-class conference at the Jaragua Hotel in El Malecon, Santo Domingo. We will kick off our week with the first game of our softball championship series (La Mejor de Tres) and have an outdoor performance led by our girls at the Zona Colonial. We will also be spending a day that week in El Cibao. We have plans to visit Salcedo and tour the Hermanas Mirabal Museum and we are also going to Santiago. Because our girls have been embracing their natural hair we have plans to visit a curly hair salon for a workshop. The mother-daughter teams that are applying for microloans will be pitching their business proposals this week. And of course, the highlight of our week is our conference at El Hotel Jaragua where the girls will have the opportunity to be inspired and empowered with a day filled with powerful speakers, amazing workshops aligned to our theme Soy Lider, Soy Luchadora, and leave with a quality backpack filled to the brim with supplies, a durable pair of sneakers, books, a conference t-shirt and tote bag and more.



For a donation of $200, you can provide one girl or mentor this unforgettable week-long experience including the conference and gifts (backpack, sneakers, tote bag, t-shirt, books). For $100 you can sponsor a parent leader for the week of activities and conference tote, t-shirt, and more. For $50 increments you can help us cover our transportation costs for the week. As you know, it is a priority for us to get our girls and parent leaders to and from the activities safely. We pick up the girls in each of their three communities and bring them back safely. Click on one of the girls, mentors, parent leaders, or bus to learn more and sponsor!


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