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12 years old

7th grade

My favorite subject is social studies. In this class I can learn about different cultures and historical events that have happened in our world. 

I would like there to be higher expectations of the teachers to teach us students better. There needs to be constant supervision of the teachers so that they thoroughly teach the content. I would like our teachers to teach us with love and a good attitude especially since they were once seen as promising children when they were young. Today we are the children with a promising future like they once were. The students need to be more respectful of their classes. 

To improve our schools we need teachers and administrators, counselors and students to do their jobs well in their respective areas. Materials and tools that teachers and students need to carry out their responsibilities need to get to the schools on time. That way students don't have an excuse not to carry out their responsibilities. 

At the moment I am interested in two careers. I am interested in business administration and psychology. I am also thinking about becoming a fashion designer since I love fashion and I am interested in it.

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