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Cristal (Parent Leader & Softball Team Manager)

Cristal (Parent Leader & Softball Team Manager)


Mother of Donaly

Mother of 4 


"I used to live in fear and didn't have the courage to do much as I was afraid to fail. With Betty and Sofia’s support and motivation, I am working on completing my high school diploma. I dropped out of high school at the age of 16 when I was in the 10th grade to get married. I will also be starting a little business from home with the help of Latinas & Lideres. I am super excited about getting my high school diploma and being an entrepreneur!"


"I have learned that leaders do not easily give up and persevere when things are difficult. Being a leader I have also learned you work hard and remain steadfast and committed to your dreams and goals. Latinas & Lideres has taught me that with discipline and dedication I can go far and help my children. I have learned that being a mother can be a motivator to better myself as it helps my children and makes them proud of me."


"My daughter Donaly that is in the program has seen how much I have grown as a person and as a mother. My children recently told me how proud they are of me that I went back to school. That makes me very happy!"


"I now motivate other women who like me dropped out of high school to get married early and have children. I motivate women who like me depended on a man to support them to go get their high school diploma and want to better themselves. We are all going to school together. 

5 of us! Juntas!"


"Latinas & Lideres has been a blessing in my life!"

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