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Sponsor Johanna and Yokairi

Sponsor Johanna and Yokairi


Johanna is the mother of Yokairi. This mother-daughter duo is from Gualey (Gualey Abajo specifically). Johanna’s only form of employment currently is selling little bags of spices. As you can imagine, this does not bring in a substantial income. Yokairi entered our program in 2022. Yokairi is a force to be reckoned with! Watch out world! She is a leader, respectful, kind, and eager to learn. She soaks up every piece of knowledge and experience that she is given. An example of Yokairi’s excellence is when she spoke in front of the mayor of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejia, to disucss the deplorable conditions that the people of Gualey (particularly Gualey Abajo that is closest to the Ozama River) are subjected to, such as lack of access to clean water, unsanitary garbade disposal and pick up, dangerous schools and ineffective teaching, and dangerous electricity issues. With this microloan, Johanna hopes to become more independent and financially stable so that she can move her family from Gualey Abajo and give her family a better quality of life. This would be done by Johanna and Yokairi going to people to sell them clothes. Essentially, they will have a traveling store-una tienda ambulante.

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