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Sponsor a Gualey Scholar and Softball Player 

Help us build our Gualey girls into tomorrow’s leaders!

Sponsor a Gualey Scholar and Gualey Softball Player

Support us in increasing the number of girls Latinas & Lideres impacts from vulnerable and marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic. Let’s expand the LOVE y’all! We are adding eleven girls from the community of Gualey, and one from El Mamey, Villa Mella. This will be our first time working with girls from Gualey. This community sits next to the Ozama River and is also known as La Ciudad de Dios (the City of God). Gualey is not your average Dominican neighborhood. It is probably one of the most vulnerable communities in Santo Domingo with high levels of poverty, illiteracy, adolescent pregnancy, and crime. Help us build our Gualey girls into tomorrow’s leaders!


Latinas & Lideres is very excited about working with girls in this community. We need your help to integrate these new girls into our program and ensure that they have what they need to start the 2022-2023 school year off right and to be able to play softball in our teams. 


Help today by Sponsoring a Gualey Scholar for $200. Quality school supplies and other items that families have to get their children to get them ready for school are very expensive in the Dominican Republic and hard to afford. With your help and donation of $200, we can provide each girl with a quality backpack filled with school and personal care items, a planner, socks, and a pair of sneakers. 


Or you can help by Sponsoring a Gualey Softball Player for $200. This sponsorship allows us to provide each new girl with a bat, glove, equipment bag, water bottle, and practice uniform (shirt, pants, belt, visor, socks). All the softball equipment is new and of good quality. 


Your donation will also help us cover the packing and shipping costs of the items to the Dominican Republic. 


Click on a photo to read about each girl. And of course to sponsor! We need your help!

Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsor a Softball Player 

Sponsor Transportation-Softball Practice Bus

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